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Mission & Philosophy

Laxmi Narasimha Sadhana Kendra was established with the aim of providing genuine guidance to deserving sadhaks, helping them in their spiritual journey. We also provide remedies to people through mantra, yantra and tantra so as to enable them to get divine energy and help.

About our Founder


LaxmiNarasimha Tantra and Mantra Sadhana Kendra was started by Gurudev Krutyananda nath whose life is a blend of modern day scientific approach and faith. Born and brought up in a bramhin family since childhood, the religious virtues attracted the young boy. After upanayan sanskar Gurudev started vedadhyayan under the guidance of his father. He is a Trikal Sandhyopasaka and has finished 3 Maha Purashcharanas of Tripad Gayatri mantra and 1 Maha Purashcharana of Chatushpad Gayatri mantra. Therefore he has complete authority to give any Vedic Upasana and perform karmakanda which will lead to success.


Gurudev was pursuing his education in mechanical engineering when, by the grace of divine he met his first diksha guru Shri Ananta bhatt from Karnataka, who initiated him into upasana of Maha Medha Dakshinamurti. After completing the rigorous sadhana for 3 years Gurudev were blessed by Dakshinamurti himself as " Sarva mantra yantra tantra siddhirastu". Since then Gurudev under the blessings of lord Maha Medha Dakshinamurti performed many Sadhanas and successfully completed them with desired results in short period of time. Gurudev has completed entire Shri vidya krama through Dakshinamurti and Anand bhairava path. Hence received purnabhishek from Mahasiddha Krutyakamanandanath and Bhairavi Shivapriyamba from Nepal, belonging to Ananda marga. Since then gurudev has come a long way in his spiritual journey of 20 years and accomplished many difficult Sadhanas with ease and success. Gurudev has successfully completed Durga , Hanuman, Bhairav, Maha kali, Baglamukhi, Kamala, Dhumavati, Matangi, Narasimha , Sharaba and Pratyangira sadhanas. Gurudev has received Rajyabhishek Diksha from his revered guru Krutyakamanandanath. Gurudev is well versed in Mantra Shastra, Yantra Vigyan and Tantra. He Has an extensive research and experience in Astrology, numerology and Vaastu. He is an expert of Kundalini and chakra awakening through mantra yoga. He has met many Siddhas and Rishis of past ages and received their blessings and guidance in meditative or dream state. 

Based on his Guru's vision , Gurudev decided to give up a budding yet lucrative career in a reputed multi national where he was employed as a Mechanical Engineer (Computer Aided Design ) to start Laxmi Narasimha Tantra and Yantra kendra . His vision is to empower all living beings to evolve into higher echelons of consciousness.

Laxmi Narasimha Tantra and Mantra Sadhana kendra is research driven spiritual services organisation that has helped many Sadhaks in their spiritual journey. Gurudev is very keen to ensure that stigma around the esoteric practices of Tantra, Mantra and Yantra are de-mystified and made acceptable to all. But most important the kendra aims to establish safe and ethical practices, based techniques and guidance as prescribed in ancient texts such as vedas, as opposed to some of the exploitative and fraudulent practices being propagated by fake gurus and spiritual in contemporary times. 

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