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Black magic removal Fetkāriṇī sādhanā:

Amazing sadhana for accurate and effective removal of Black magic and spirit afflictions.

More than thousand practices of psychic attack prevention are described in our spiritual texts, but Fetkarini sadhana shows the fastest and long lasting effect out of all those Prayogs and destroys Obstacles caused by Tantra , prayog, black magic, sorcery completely.

Every seeker must do this sadhna at least once in their life.....because in today's era some novices have become connoisseurs of tantra and after learning small and simple tantric activities from books, they think they can use them on commoners. They do it themselves or pay others that to do tantric rituals, due to which a happy family is completely destroyed and the life of the person becomes like a spectacle.

Fellow seekers, previously I have told many things to all of you on the problem of Tantra and have given many prayogas too. Those prayogas are also of high quality. The knowledge of Tantra should not only be given to Sadhaks and Tantriks but also to a common man….because today's time is becoming very notorious, full of menace and evil…don't know when…where…somebody will do Tantra Kriya on you and turn the happiness of your life and your family's life into sorrow.

As today's time is the time of competition and jealousy, jealousy along with a failed system. In today's time, human being has become the enemy of fellow human has started getting jealous of other's success olden time all this used to be comparatively less and nor did we come across that many people suffering from tantra... If there were, only 2 out of 100 people or so would have been seen.

Yes, there was one thing that in olden times people suffering from ghosts were seen more….but in today's time, the existence of obstacles like ghosts has become less and very few people naturally get possessed by ghosts. And the number of people suffering from Tantra is being seen more…and it is through Tantra, psychic attacks, black magic etc. activities of ghosts, spirits, jinn etc are seen….how much change has happened in this era with time.

Even today I look at my childhood and remember all those incidents, I get very surprised….Earlier most of the evil spirits were cast out through Tantra and today Tantra Kriya is predominantly getting resolved used protective tantra methods. I have not seen such a perverted and corrupt form of the esoteric system before as it is happening in today's time. When I came to know Tantra Vidya, at that time there were very few Tantrics who knew the actual Vidya. And when I see now and today's time, you will find more than 100 tantrics in every city... some wearing black clothes, some wearing red clothes and big moustache, big hair, neck Many different types of garlands, different types of talismans, different types of tantralankars are worn and they are seen scaring and threatening people by wearing a lot of kajal and big red eyes.

Seeing this plight of Tantra, the mind gets disinterested from giving correct knowledge of Tantra….but my Tantric nature does not let me leave all this…how many times I tried and that many times one or the other got affected by Tantra action. The person always reaches me and when I see his words and circumstances, I cannot live without helping him....all this is happening with me even today...

And the number of people affected by Tantra is increasing… The reason is that Tantra books available in the market, after reading which the novice people are becoming Tantrik and they do not have the real knowledge of Tantra Vidya… There is no knowledge of rare sadhnas…just a few sorcery-tricks, by learning charnal ground rituals, they became tantriks, who only know how to do bad. When they are given to do some good work or someone's bigger and difficult task they fail miserably. They cheat, loot and run away. This is why good and authentic tantriks also get a bad name.

This is the reason why people also start blaming Tantra and abusing the Tantrik community. I am stunned to see this strange time period of today… Tantra is becoming so popular that Tantrik is being seen in every street. Who will get it....and these tantriks play with your life and some even threaten to kill with Maran prayogas.

Sadhaks, stay away from the clutches of these tantriks and get a right tantrik to solve your problems… because tantra is a double edged sword, while resolving a negative tantra prayog many times the enemy powers counterattack…which can be fatal and dangerous, for the afflicted person as well the tantrik trying to resolve it... The rightly knowledgeable Siddha Tantrik solves the whole problem only through the apt methods and stops the reversal of powers.

Fetkarini prayog is the same category of prayog, which is used by high-end tantriks to remove obstacles, and this prayog sends back the reverse bar of power to the person who does it. That's why this prayog has been called the prayog of surity .... Fetkarini means Aparajita Mahakali ..... who is never defeated ... who is full of lion's strength and basically Fetkarini is goddess Mahakali only. Destroyer of one's enemy and always protecting her seeker.

For this reason, the importance of this power and prayog is unique in itself…. In Tantras, many secret sadhna prayogs related to Fetkarini have been given and today I am giving out this prayog. Basically this prayog is for the removal of tantra obstacles. There is a prayog. Through which, the fiercest Tantra prayogas, black magic, Maran, mohan, ucchatan, vashikaran, vidweshan, akarshan, stambhan etc. Can be completely nullified. All sorts of negative spirit afflictions can be resolved.

This Sadhana Tantra is for the removal of Black magic and its effect is felt by the seeker as soon as he does the Sadhana. All of you must do this, through this you can eliminate the tantra obstacles of yourself and your family and friends etc. . This is an unique prayog.

Sadhana articles:

- energized hattha jodi, energized red coral rosary, energized fetkarini yantra, energized fetkarini gutika and seperate black cloth of 1.25 meters, mahakali picture.

- red hibiscus flowers, red sindoor, red sandalwood paste, rice grains, turmeric powder, kumkum, incense, mustard oil lamp, kheer, lemon & nutmeg, mustard oil and pepper seeds, coconut, banana, betel leaves, betel nut, coins.

- pedestal or platform, black cloth to cover the platform, black/ red dhoti, upavastra set to wear and black/red woolen asan, havan kund, mango wood.

Sadhana time and muhurtas:

This sadhana can be started from Holi night, eclipse, Saturday night, Diwali night and Navaratri night. This is a 11 days sadhana. It has to be started after 10:00 pm in night.


One must take bath, wear black or red dhoti and upavastra for the Sadhana. Then clean the place . After that establish a platform, cover it with black cloth. Place it in North direction. Keep a picture of mahakali on it. Infron of the picture make 4 mounds of rice grains. Chronologically place hatta jodi, fetkarini yantra, fetkarini gutika and red coral rosary on the mounds of rice grains. Now place the black cloth infront of the mounds. Then take a black or red woolen asan and sit infront of the platform.

Now do thr pre preliminary puja procedure, take Sankalp for your or your client's black magic/ spirit afflictions removal. Then worship guru, Ganesh and bhairav. Then worship the mahaakali. Offer red sandalwood paste, turmeric powder kumkum, red sindoor, rice grains, dhoop, mustard oil lamp, kheer as food offering. Then offer bali with cutting and lemon and nutmeg. Remember to cut with a vertical knife. Pray to mahakali for burning away the black magic and evil spirits. Then apply sindoor tilak to hattha jodi, fetkarini yantra fetkarini gutika. Offer flowers, dhoop, mustard oil lamp. Now take the rosary touch it to your head and chant 21 rosaries of the following mantra. Before the moola mantra chanting, chant one rosary guru, Ganesh and Bhairav mantras each.

Fetkarini mantra:

ll ॐ क्लीं मम समस्त शत्रुणाम् दोषान् निवारय क्लीं फट् स्वाहा ll

ll oṃ klīṃ mama samasta śatruṇām doṣān nivāraya klīṃ phaṭ svāhā ll

While chanting keep your eyes closed and meditate on the black cloth kept infront of you. Imagine as your negative energies and enemies are getting absorbed in the cloth. After finishing the japa offer it to mahakali. Then take 108 pepper seeds soaked in mustard oil in a bowl. Rotate that bowl above your head 108 times in anticlockwise direction. Then ignite fire inba havan kund. Pray to lord Agni and goddess mahakali to burn away all the negative afflictions. Then release one pepper seed at a time in the fire while chanting the mantra. Thus give 108 oblations into the fire. Do three circumambulations around the fire, pay obeisance to the godees and fire and end the days sadhana.

Repeat this for 11 days. On the 11th day offer purnahuti i.e. a coconut, one fistful of mustard oil soaked pepper seeds, one rupee coin, two beetle leaves, one beetle nut and one Banana tied in a red cloth after regular 108 oblations. After the purnahuti take the black cloth which was kept on the platform infront of the goddess as a form of negative forces and enemies . Burn it in the havan fire, thinking all your black magic, negative spirit afflictions and enemies are burnt in the sacrificial fire. Then after finishing the sadhana like this pray to the goddess for success, ask for forgiveness against the mistakes that happened during the sadhana. Then wear the fetkarini gutika in the neck using a black thread, tie the yantra, rosary and hattha jodi in the same black cloth which was spread on the platform, rotate above your head 7 times in anticlockwise direction and burry in the ground at a place far away from the house in southern direction. You are not supposed to talk with anyone or look behind over your shoulders or turn around while doing this burrying process. You are also not supposed to visit that place for coming 41 days after this prayog.

This concludes the immensely powerful fetkarini prayog. One can literally feel body getting lighter, face glowing, mind becomes light and fresh, new enthusiasm coming in life and overall outlook changing during the sadhana it self. The overall and complete negative effect of the tantra in destroyed over a period of 41 days.

Anybody who is suffering from black magic, evil eye, spirit afflictions can do this and get relief from their problems in short period of time.

Link for pre preliminary puja procedure:

Wishing you and your family a happy holi.

🙏 Namo Narasimha 🙏

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