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Break the shackles of mental poverty

Aryavarta was a rich country, the Shudras were also so rich that they could buy out an emperor like Harishchandra. So when one becomes poor then only he/she will meet god is not true. King Dasaratha, King Janak, Sugreev, Ambarish, Arjuna all were rich and powerful. On the other hand Shabari, Sudama etc. were poor.

Almighty makes everything available for everyone, but it takes time and a lot of effort to mitigate the misfortune, hence one should show patience. So in the mediaeval era it was told to poor and destitute people to console them, that "God takes away the money and riches" if he wants you for himself.

Does it even make sense when one becomes poor with the worship of Laxmi Pati. The preachers (charlatans), who praise poverty, are also very rich. That's why definitely ask for wealth and prosperity in your thoughts. Ask for power, capacity, authority, progeny and wish fulfillment in your prayers. Ask for fulfillment of all the four purusharthas as per the Dharma.

First develop the spirit of Dharma, then support it with righteous Artha, fulfill it with focused Kama and finally as a result of righteous fulfilment of previous 3 purusharthas one attains the Moksha.

Indram vardhanto apturah Apaghnanto arāvnnah krunvanto vishwam āryam.

(Rig Veda 9: 63: 5).

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