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Chakra astras of Vishnu:

From Vishnu emanate several chakras, all of which may follow the deadly mahasudarshana when used in battle against the daityas, danavas and rakshasas. They represent the collective destructive power of Vishnu. Likewise, the sampurna chakra prayoga rite invokes these weapons to power the countering or attacking mantrastras .

Following are the classes of Vishnu chakras:

1) sahasrara chakra: This is the wheel powered Vishnu manifesting in the param vyom. It blazes with a 1000 spokes with all chakras, terrible shoolas, musalas, halayudhas, gadas, parshu and other weapons surrounding it.

2) mahAsudarshana chakra: This is powered by padmanabha and has 12 spokes. It is the destroyer of the asuras and the atreya durvasa.

3) Shadadhara chakra: This is powered by keshava and has 6-spokes. It comes out from the sudarshana disc.

4) shaktimahachakra: This is powered by the blazing aniruddha and has 5 spokes

5) aishvarya chakra: This is powered by the all-prosperous pradyumna and has 4 spokes.

6) udaya chakra: This is powered by the fury of the world-destroying poison of sankarshana. It is the 3 spoked wheel.

7) ushash chakra: This is powered by vayu and agni and is of the color of dawn and with two spokes

8) maharatridhara chakra: This powered by mahamaya and is dark hued and terrifying with a single spoke.

🙏 Namo Narasimha 🙏

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