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Dwaita, Advaita and Siddha mata

Some think that the siddhas were monistic (advaiti), but by analyzing the records available on the writings of the siddhas, it seems that the siddhas did not fully support dualism (dvaita) or monism (Advaita). At many places they have described their opinion as 'Dvaitadwaitavilakshana'. Jalandharnath was a very famous and capable teacher of Siddhamata.

He has clearly said about Nath-Siddhanta in his book called Siddhaantvaakya:

II Dvaitaa vaadvaitakam dwayaat ut param yoginaam shankaram vaa II

The same principle has been clearly propounded in the Nathsutra book. Just as he has not accepted any doctrine of dvaita or advaita as truth, similarly he has not avoided anyone considering it to be delusional. They say that due to the absence of harmony between Dvaita and Advaita, there is no possibility of experiencing the Absolute Truth.

That's why such an all round harmonious ideology can be seen only in Nath Mata, which is not available elsewhere. Those who support the other side by imagining that there is an opposition between matter and consciousness, they will have to accept it in a delusional form if they look at it from the Natha principle. The Kaya Siddhi which Nathsiddhas have propagated, and which is a matter of great pride for Indian Sadhana circles, is in fact compatible with this harmonious principle.

As long as the matter and consciousness remain separate, till then the hope of body-realization is only a day dream. Actually there is no difference between Siddhadeha and true self-form. And there is no attainment of self-realization without body-realisation (Kaya siddhi). Siddha Yogis describe the same system of practices as Yoga, by which this imaginary distinction between body and soul is removed and the fundamental integrality is established. That's why they say, without yoga it is impossible to attain the highest state of existence.

adinath has said:

II Yogamaargaat paro maargo naasti naasti shrutau smritau II

The same thing has been said by manipulation of words in the book named Vivekmartand:

II Yogashaastram Pathennityam Kimanyaih Shaastra Vistaraih II

🙏 Namo Narasimha 🙏

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