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Guru kripa hi kevalam

Shaktipat in tantrik literature..

No matter how indulgent the disciple may be, the transmitted power of the Lord does not go waste. Even a low degree of shaktipat definitely leads to Shivatva in the end. This also proved that Shaktipat is absolute, that is, it is not under Karmadi. Karmadi makes the atom (Jiva) enter into Maya, they cannot save the soul from Maya.

All those Shuddhatma or Rudranu who are in the middle of Maya and all those who are above Maya, all of them attain Shivatva by the effect of Bhagwat-Shaktipat, without the expectation of karma, that is, without the expectation of Karmadi. And those who are not encumbered by maya, who are independent of karma, they attain both enjoyment and salvation only by shaktipat.

Earlier, they had engaged in japa, karma, hona, sadhana, dhyana etc. of Maayaateet or parabramha or supreme consciousness called as Vishwottirna Shiva. But what was their intent ?

Everywhere the will of the Lord is the root and everywhere it is the only cause.

🙏 Namo Narasimha 🙏

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