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I am Indra...

I am Indra.

I made Divodāsa triumph over his foes.

I handed over Vītahavyas to Pratardana.

I gave Sumitra a thousand rods to slay Dīrghajihvī of a thousand orifices.

I am Indra, the drinker of Soma, without limit.

In the Sumada of Soma, I slew Namuci with my Vajra concealed in foam.

I am Indra, the Brahman known by Ṛṣis, the entire universe.

I slew Kālakañjas, I crushed the Paulomas and expelled them from existence.

I extirpated Prahlādas brood and had my brother Viṣṇu smash Virocana.

I am Indra, praised by the Bhṛgus and the Aṅgiras who know the right path.

The might of my Vajra no one has borne, when the mountains flew I brought them down.

The Arurmaghas opposed me and I annihilated them without exception.

The Sannyasins who derided my worship, I gave them to hyenas.

I am Indra, who cut off the three heads of Triśira Tvāṣṭra, the ritualist of the Dāsas.

For the descendents of Manu, I slew the arrogant Dasyus and the gave the world to the Āryas.

When the Āryas - Arṇa and Citraratha, bloated with pride opposed My worship, I brought an end to them, on the banks of Sarayu.

I am Indra, who drank three lakes of Soma and through my might Trasadasyu, the great son of Purukutsa, conquered the forts of the Dāsas of slurred speech.

My fatal arrows rained on the Dānavas from my infallible bow of variegated colors.

This did Pipru, Kuyava, Suṣṇa, Varcin meet their end when they opposed me in battle.

I am Indra, by whose might the valiant Sudāsa triumphed over his foes on the banks of the Paruṣṇī and through my fury the unfettered Vipāśā flowed, unstoppable.

Sarasvatī, Vipāśā, Paruṣṇi, Sindhu, Asikni, Kūbhā, Vitastā, Siśomā, Gaṅgā, Yamunā swelled by me, raced, like mares on the race course, to the ocean.

I am Indra, who animating Viṣṇu and the Maruts put an end to Vṛtra with my spear and Vajra.

When Rauhiṇa tried to scale upwards towards heaven, I struck him with my dart and sent him to the wells of perdition.

When Śambhara stood in the path of the Āryas, I picked him by his feet and hurled with force off a mountain top.

I am Indra, who shattered the ninety nine metal forts that stood on my path, and when animated in battle my roar is even heard by the deaf.

I have borne away the head of Makha and sent Dhuni and Cumuri to nether regions.

I Indra, is greater than all !!!

🙏 Namo Narasimha 🙏

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