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Jyeshtha Laxmi sadhana:

Jyeshtha Laxmi or Alaxmi is the elder sister of Mahalaxmi, representing every opposite aspect of what the latter represents. Wherever jyeshtha Laxmi is present, there Mahalaxmi cannot reside and vice versa. Jyeshtha Laxmi is usually not worshipped in normal days as she signifies misery, sadness, quarrels, differences, diseases etc. But when all these negative aspects are predominantly present in one's life then she is prayed in a special manner to take these negativities along with her and leave forever. Only after she leaves one's life, Mahalaxmi can enter. So the people who are extremely poor, facing debts miseries, sudden problems, marital problems, failures, misfortunes and lack of desired financial stability should worship her as per this sadhana to get rid of the above negative aspects from their life. Only then when one will worship the Mahalaxmi through any of her sadhanas, they will give instant fruits. Many people keep doing Mahalaxmi pujas, sadhanas and other prayogas for wealth in their difficult conditions but to get no avail. It happens so because their life is occupied by Alaxmi which prevents the auspicious mahalaxmi from entering their life.

Apart from doing this sadhana and then Shri sukta sadhana to get exorbitant grace of goddess Mahalaxmi one should follow a certain lifestyle which repulses Alaxmi and attracts mahalaxmi.

- Always have bath everyday by adding salt in water.

- wash your teeth everyday, cut the nails weekly, maintain the hair.

- get up in bramha muhurta.

- maintain celibacy unless doing intercourse for obtaining progeny or once a month after clearing menstrual cycle in auspicious time.

- plant and nurture Tulasi and bilva trees.

- always be optimistic.

- wear gold on body.

- wear perfume and maintain apt dress code.

- help the poor or needy when you see.

Sadhana procedure:

This sadhana or Puja can be done by oneself or with the help of a qualified priest. Maintain satvik one time food , after everyday's morning puja. Maintain celibacy and bhoomi Shayan.

Auspicious time for the sadhana:

In the month of bhadrapada, on a shukla paksha ashtami or navami tithi, having jyeshtha nakshatra extended beyond noon or mid day. If there's no jyeshtha nakshatra extended beyond noon on both the days then choose ashtami tithi. Do aavahan of jyeshtha Laxmi in Anuradha nakshatra, puja in jyeshtha nakshatra and visarjan in moola nakshatra. If there's a Sunday, Ashtami tithi and Jyeshtha nakshatra then it's extremely auspicious.

Sadhana process:

- Clean the puja room, have bath with salt, black sesame, Gaumutra, cow dung and clean soil from well/river bed.

- wear white/black clothes.

- sit on white/ black asan.

- Do pre preliminary puja procedure.

- Perform ganapati pujan, go daan, panchagavya sanskar, punyahvachan with the help of priest.

- Establish a four stand chowki, cover it with black cloth, make ashtadal with rice grains on it.

- Make an idol of jyeshtha Laxmi with clay or soil from pure river bed or well (if worshipping on Anuradha nakshatra) if worshipping in jyeshtha then can also go with silver or gold for the idol.

- Then do dhyana aavaahanadi Shodashopachar puja of jyeshtha Laxmi.

Dhyana of jyeshtha laxmi:

ll Trilochanaam shukladanteen vibhrateem kaanchaneem tanum l

Viraktaam rakta nayanaam jyeshthaam dhyaayaami sundareem ll

Moola mantra of Jyeshtha Laxmi for shodashopachar puja and chanting:

ll Om hreem jaam jeem joom Jem jaum jyeshtha laxmye namah ll

- Then chant the above mantra for 21,000 times in three days i.e. 7,000 counts everyday.

- After finishing the mantra chanting, recite the following daridrata nivaran sukta from rugveda 108 times:

ll Aaraaye kaane vikate girim gaccha sadaanve l

Shirinvithasya satvabhishtebhishtavaa chaatayaamasi ll

Chatto itashchattaamutah sarvaa bhroonaanyaarushee l

Aaraayyam bramhanaspate teekshna shrungodashannihi ll

Ado yaddaaru plavate sindho paare apuroosham l

Tadaa rabhasva durhano tena gaccha parastaram ll

Yaddha praacheer jagantoro mandoor dhaanikihi l

Hataindrasya shatravaha sarvebudbudyaashavaha ll

- After everyday's chanting do tarpan with milk, water, darbha 700 times or 108 times with the moola mantra

- Do jagaran in night, kirtan of Devi Laxmi lord Vishnu.

- On third day in the evening after finishing the puja and bramhan suvasini pujan/ bhojan with donation of Anna, vastra, dakshina do visarjan of the invoked deities and peeth. Then take the jyeshtha Laxmi idol wrap it in a black cloth. Move through the entire premises with the idol. Do sankalpa and imagination that all the miseries, poverty, obstacles, sorrows, disturbances are leaving along with their patron goddess. After this one's life is cleared of all the negativities and open to the welcoming of auspicious Mahalaxmi.

- Now donate the idol to the acharya along with pre determined dakshina or immerse in river.

One who does this sadhana or Puja yearly in above auspicious time or atleast once in lifetime, his/her life is free from many negativities and has blessings of goddess Mahalaxmi.

Hope all will perform the above sadhana and benefit from it.

After this we shall put the complementary corresponding Mahalaxmi sadhana or Puja vidhan. When they are performed together they give immense and quicker success.

🙏 Namo Narasimha 🙏.

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