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Lakshanas of an unworthy guru:

- always beating around the bush, whenever asked a query or a doubt

- always pretending to be overly cryptic and mystical

- not addressing the problems of disciple

- not giving solutions to the problem but preaching one to adjust with the problem

- always cooking up stuff from outside the shastras

- belittling shastras, devatas, karmakanda, bramhanas and especially jyotish

- not having the knowledge of Jyotish, karmaheena

- no control over the senses

- continuously blabbering and bullshitting on vedanta and Advaita without giving proper methods to achieve that state

- not coming from a unbroken lineage, incapable of giving shaktipat

- doesn't follow chatur varnas in his personal and spiritual life

- not following what he/ she is preaching

- lacking the knowledge of vishvotpatti, nyaya, anushasan, vyakaran, tarka, mimamsa, yoga, Veda, puranas and tantras

- mixing of Vedic, puranik and tantrik; philosophies, cosmologies and theosophies.

- trying to compare and fit our scriptures and traditions with respect to victorian morals

- overly sweet, compassionate, forgiving and celibate.

- yati, udasin, widower/ widdow, niputrik are unworthy guru's for a householder. But they can give diksha to a sanyasi/ udasin/ bramhachari.

- handicapped, lower in caste than the disciple.

If you find most of the above mentioned lakshanas in your guru, just run far away as you'll end up nowhere if you waste your time with them. There are many people nowadays who are just sucking people's energy and wealth under the name of tantra, bhakti, yoga and preaching.

Shiva has said in skanda Purana that one can change their guru in 1 year if you have served the guru with your full might and you've received nothing from the guru in return that could change your life.

🙏 Namo Narasimha 🙏

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