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Mahalaxmi vrata sadhana

This prayog is in series with the jyeshtha mahalaxmi prayog.

This prayog has to be started from Jyeshtha nakshatra on bhadrapada Shukla ashtami and carried out till moonrise on Ashwin krushna ashtami. Even if there's no jyeshtha nakshatra then also one can start. Now one thing the aspirant should keep in mind is that, do not start the vrata if Surya is in Kanya rashi and do not end it if Surya is in chaturtha pada of hasta nakshatra on Ashwin krushna ashtami. You have to extend one day.

For anushthan call a qualified priest. Do re preliminary Puja procedure, panchagavya sanskar, Gau and Vishnu Pujan and daan. Perform Ganesh Ambika pujan, Punyahvachan, matruka, nandi, Navagraha, dikpal, sarvatobhadra mandal Puja. Establish a kalash in the name of Mahalaxmi on the sarvatobhadra mandal. Do invocation of goddess Mahalakshmi in it. Worship it with shodashopachar. Make thread or vratabandha made of 16 threads,16 knots and tie it to the kalash. Now do 16 rosaries of the following mantra and do 16 recitations of Shri sukta with samputikaran by the same mantra. Do chant Laxmi sukta after first and last recitation. Apart from this people can also read 8th chapter of Shri mad Bhagawat by doing samputikaran if it with the following mantra.

Rosary to be used for japa is of Lotus seeds.


ll shreem Hreem tatschaavirbhoota saakshaatshree ramaa bhagavatparaa l

Ranjayantee dishah kaantyaaha vidyut saudaaminee yathaa hreem shreem ll

After first days Puja pray to goddess Mahalakshmi and tie the 16 knotted thread on your right wrist. Naivedya to be offered to the kalash is kheer made from rice, milk, sugar, panchameva and makhaana.

Do this extensive Puja on the first day and last day. In the middle days do panchopachar Puja of kalash and offer gandhakshata pushpa to other invoked deities. Do food offering everyday. Chant the mantra 16 rosaries and recitation of samputit Shri sukta - Laxmi sukta 16 times as told above. Read 8th chapter of Shri mad Bhagawat by doing samputikaran with the given mantra.

Om the final day, once again call the priest. Perform extensive Puja as per first day. Then do chanting and recitation. Then perform homa- havan of 1008 oblations of the given mantra, 16 recitations of samputit Shri sukta and oblations with samputit 8th chapter of Shri mad Bhagawat. Dravyas to be used for havan are: Lotus flowers, kheer or paayas, bilva leaves,bilva samidha, panchameva with makhaana, sugar, barley, unbroken rice grains, black sesame and pure ghee.

After purnahuti, feed 16 bramhan, 16 suvassini, 16 bramhachari and 16 kanyaas. After feeding give them dakshina, vastra and wheat, puffed rice, fruits etc.

In the evening at the time of moonrise, offer prasanna arghya to Chandra and rohini with water, sugar, sandalwood, camphor and Jasmine flowers and finish the vrata. Let the thread be on the wrist, which will be changed next year. This vrata has to be carried out for 16 years.

This is a powerful magnificent vrata Puja which starts showing it's results in few days.

Benefits of the Mahalaxmi vrata Puja:

Wish fulfilment, health, wealth, fame, success, power, happy marrital life, good progeny and overall prosperity and abundance.

We hope people will take benefit from this Puja by doing it.

🙏 Namo Narasimha 🙏

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