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Narasimha mantra siddhi and nyasa krama

In any sadhana, mantra is the soul of entire procedure which runs the sadhana. Mantra is supported by viniyog (connecting and synchronising the mantra energy with your sankalpa), nyasa (connecting oneself with the mantra and it's deities by establishing them in your physical, subtle and vital bodies), dhyana (meditating on the form of the deity, mantra beejas and manifestation of the sankalpa to fulfill your desire). Now a days many gurus just give the mantra and ask them to chant hence the disciples do it without any proper procedure and because of which they either face backlash/long delay in success/no success/difficulty in continuing the sadhana. People then give reasons that your karma is getting cleansed, you have lot of sins, you are affected with black magic, spirits, planets, blah blah blah... In some extreme cases these things are true but then the guru should analyse the person first and suggest remedies, get them done, rectify the doshas and then initiate or empower the aspirant. Sadhana is not the means for a lay man to get solutions to his or her meagre problems. Sadhana is done to elevate oneself from this life of an insect they're living to the ultimate stage of timeless divinity, awakening of inner universe, conquering one's boundaries. The mantra gives you all this as it climbs the stages of siddhi and as side effects of that your aura becomes positive, your karmas, actions, mind and outlook are cleansed. Hence you get mundane benefits along with the spiritual one's. People in extreme problems should not seek to solve their problems through mantra Sadhana, they should get them solved first and then go for sadhana with higher aspirations. Nevertheless if people who want to succeed in sadhana without much struggles and problems then they should follow the below tips:

- get initiation, shaktipat or empowerment from a competent authority

- surrender to the guru go with empty mind and just follow whatever he's telling

- do pre preliminary Puja procedure

- sankalpa, Ganesh, guru, bhairav pujan

- do devata pujan atleast with panchopachar or shodashopachar

- do yantra Puja (Anga, pratyanga, parivar devatas) at least on first and last day of Sadhana.

- perform mudras related to the deity

- do utkilan, shrapoddhar and sanjivan of the mantra

- do viniyog, nyas, dhyan before starting the mantra

- do mala sanskar

- chant the mantra with full faith, focus and sternness

- do havan for the deity with your mantra after the desired count is over with appropriate ingredients, tarpan, Marjan, bramhan- suvasini/ batuk/ Kanya bhojan.

- on the first and last day offer bali to ganapati, batuk, yogini, Navagraha - dikpalas, kshetrapal and sarvabhootas.

- worship your Kuladevatas and pitras before starting any sadhana or prayogas, take their blessings and permission.

- give anna,vastra, dakshina to the guru, take his blessings before starting the sadhana and after finishing it.

- try to eat less, talk less and preserve the energy.

If one follows the above steps then that person will definitely achieve the mantra siddhi.

Now coming to the specific topic of today i.e. peculiar process of attaining mahasiddhi in Narasimha sadhana and the secretive nyasa krama. We won't be disclosing the complete form of the nyasas and all but overall format will be discussed.

Sadhana procedure:

Narasimha sadhana if done in jungle or cave gives quicker siddhi. One should do this sadhana ideally in night after 10:00 pm or in bramha muhurta i.e. 4:00 to 6:00 am. One must have bath without any fragrant materials. Sit on a red woolen asan, wear red dhoti and upavastra. Worship lord Narasimha as per the above guidelines. Now for maha siddhi one must do the maha purashcharana of the mantra Raja by splitting it into 16 parts or words. Then by meditating on each part of the mantra and the secret colour of it in the directed chakra one must chant it 32 lakhs times. Thus one must do it for all 16 parts. Finally one must do the 32 lakhs purashcharana of the anushtup mantraraj. In sadhana for maha siddhi the secret mahasudarshana Narasimha yantra is worshipped. After completing the 32 lakhs purashcharana of the anushtup mantraraj one must do have of 3,20,000 fire oblations with payas, bilva leaves, bilva samidha, bilva fruit pulp, durva, black sesame and pure ghee. Then 32,000 tarpan with milk and water, Marjan of same for 3,200 times and bramhan-suvasini bhojan for 32 pairs. Thus completeed sadhana gives all the siddhis from multiverse; dnyaana, bhoga, siddhi, Shakti, Laxmi, vaani and moksha lies at their feet. In this process they already conquer all the worlds with their sadhana hence they're revered even by biggest of the deities, asuras, bhootas and others. One gains siddhi over time hence becoming immortal. One's kundalini is completely awakened and resides in the ashtadashanta chakra. One realises himself as the paramtma. One becomes lord Narasimha himself. What else should be said... There are many peculiar details in this process which are passed on from guru to the disciple. So one must get initiated and proceed as per guru's advice.

Below given are details of each part/pada of the mantraraj to be split for sadhana and their respective chakras and colour of the varnas for meditation.

Om - crown chakra - gold - source of creation

Kshraum - third eye - moonlight - healing light of the moon

Ugram - throat chakra - red - sternness and fierceness to complete the sankalpa

Veeram - heart chakra - Orange - courage and bravado to protect the dharma

Mahavishnum - solar plexus chakra - white - paramatma

Jwalantam - sacral chakra - fiery yellow - burn all the evil and menace

Sarvatomukham - root chakra - colourless - omnipresent

Narasimham - root chakra - fiery red - man lion

Bheeshanam - sacral chakra - navy blue - greater than the great

Bhadram - solar plexus chakra - green - righteous

Mrutyor - heart chakra - black - kaal

Mrutyum - throat chakra - sun light - mahakaal

Namaami - third eye - blue - surrender

Aham - crown chakra - wheatish - self and ego

Now coming to the nyasa krama, the following are the nyasas in Narasimha sadhana/upasana, to be performed before mantra chanting to get complete siddhi, in lesser time, with no obstacles. Along with that many other benefits like victory, health, wealth, success, mesmerizing powers, ever youthfulness who has siddhi in maha nyasas of lord Narasimha becomes able to create, sustain, destroy, bless and curse. Basically being able to carry out all 5 functions of the ishwar.

Narasimha maha nyasas:

1) Anushtup mantraraj rushyaadi nyas, Kara nyas, shadanga nyas, mantra Varna nyas

2) Narayan ashtakshar nyas, rushi, Kara, shadanga, ulka nyas, mantra nyas, dwadash murti panjar nyas, vyapak nyas

3) dwadashakshari vasudev nyas, rushi, Kara, shadanga, mantra Varna nyas

4) raam taarak nyas, rushi, Kara, shadanga

5) vividha Anga and pratyanga devata nyasas of lord Narasimha

If worshipping as per rudrayamal/ mantra mahodadhi/ vaishnav agamas then:

6) purush sukta nyas

7) Vishnu sukta nyas

If worshipping as rudra as per meru tantra then

7) rudra nyas

8) laghu nyas

9) ding nyas (performed to protect oneself from all 10 direction using sudarshan mantra)

10) trailokya Vijay nyas ( performed using trailokya Vijay kavach mantras to get victory over all the bhootas)

11) nava Narasimha nyas ( performed on 9 holes of the body to protect one's own upasana)

12) beej nyas (performed on all joints of the body to establish lord Narasimha's energy in the joints using beej mantra of lord Narasimha)

13) chaturvimshati vishnumurti nyas (performed on upper torso for protection and brilliance)

14) keshav kala matruka nyas

15) Varna matruka nyas (performed on the body so that lord Narasimha in the form of sachidananda bramha resides in the seeker and protects him/her)

16) mahasaraswat nyas ( eradicates lazyness, sloppyness, ignorance from the body)

17) matruka nyas (performed to get bhoota- bhavishya- vartaman knowledge and victory over all the three worlds)

18) bramha nyas ( performed to remain ever youthful and achieve completeness in all the fields)

19) shunya nyaas (performed to fulfill all the desires)

20) devata nyasa/ Narasimha murti nyas (performed to become siddha or walking vaikuntha)

21) mantra pada nyas (performed to eradicate all the diseases from the body)

22) vindhya nyas (performed to eradicate all the miseries, misfortunes and sorrows from one's life)

23) vyapak nyas (performed to obtain company of all the deities)

24) chakra nyas (performed to activate all the chakras and kundalini)

25) chaturvyuha nyas (performed to get exorbitant grace of vaikuntha murti mahavishnu)

Nyasas are also practiced as seperate sadhana krama where in a person neither dwells in inner universe nor the external univers to seek the divinity but himself becomes the divine with powers to create, preserve, destroy, bless and curse.

These nyasas are told and taught by guru to disciple after thorough testing. As a nyas siddha person cannot bow down to anyone. He can provide protection to anyone, bless anyone and curse anyone. Person becomes a walking god after the nyas siddhi...

🙏 Namo Narasimha 🙏.

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