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Nimbark Ganapati

Nimbark Mahaganpati consecration and Mahaganpati or ucchishta Ganapati diksha:

On the extremely auspicious eves of Sankashta and Vinayaka chaturthi (falling on shukla and krushna paksha chaturthi in every hindu month) we are organizing Nimbark Ganapati consecration and puja. Nimbark Mahaganpati is primarily worshipped for well being in all fields, vashikaran, enemy destruction, immense wealth, overcoming political, rowdy and extremely powerful enemies and instant wish fulfilment. Worshipping Nimbark Ganapati in this auspicious time gives quick siddhi and exorbitant grace of the deity.

Now what is this Nimbark Ganapati?

Nimbark Mahaganpati is the Ganapati idol made up of sacred Neem tree root taken in very auspicious times of moola nakshatra and sculpted in same. Then consecrated and energized with secret tantrik rituals and invocations, from vinayak chaturthi to sankashti chaturthi. It is the combined form of all 32 Ganapatis from Mahaganpati to ucchishta Ganapati. It can do vashikaran of any person in the world including highly powerful politicians to filmstars or business corporates. It's used to finish off biggest of one's enemies in 7 days. There are many benefits of the idol which will be revealed later.

Biggest advantage is that the puja vidhan is absolutely minimal and has no restrictions. But secrecy should be maintained.

Along with this Mahaganpati or ucchishta Ganapati Mantra diksha, depending upon your horoscope, will be given as a complementary.

This puja will be secretly conducted as following:

Secret tantrik invocation of all 32 forms of Ganapati with their Shakti, pran pratishtha, shodashopachar puja, Abhishek, sahasranama archana with durva, modak and maha naivedya, avaran pujan, ample 32 ganpati mantra japa, havan for all the above devatas with ghee, sugarcane, modak, black sesame, rice grains, durva, barley, dry coconut, tarpan, Marjan, bramhan bhojan, sankalpa for yajaman.

Puja will be performed for 15 days from Vinayak chaturthi to sankashti chaturthi.


- wish fulfilment

- removal of all the obstacles from spiritual and material life

- wealth, health, fortune, prosperity, success and status.

- help in getting progeny.

- resolution of marital problems or problems in getting married.

- attraction of the loved one or attraction of friends and business associates.

- winning court cases.

- success in interview, competitive exams, career etc.

- enemy destruction instantly.

- help in gaining divine knowledge.

- blessings, support and help from Mahaganpati for all the endeavours in future.

Anybody who is interested can contact.

Please don't ask for any more information. It's already given. Only serious people contact as the fees are very high due to austerities and resources involved.


WhatsApp: +917499481461

🙏 Namo Narasimha 🙏

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