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Paramparā of Āgama Śāstras

Tantra śāstras are primarily divided in to two types of literature.

Āgamas and Nigamas.

Āgamas are the śāstras spoken by Sadāśiva and recieved by Umā or other devatās.

Nigamas are the ones given by Devī or other devatās and received by Sadāśiva.

Āgamas guru śiṣya paramparā is as follows.

Tantras first originated from Paramaśiva (Ādinātha or pure light).

They were recieved by Vimarśyāmbā.

From this pair it came down to their divine manifestation Sadāśiva.

From Sadāśiva they were passed down to Pārvatī.

Pārvatī taught them to Nandi.

From Nandi they were given to Bhairava.

From Bhairava they were instructed to Ṛṣi Durvāsa.

Durvāsa in turn instructed the same to his three sons and daughter.

From them the āgamic teachings of Advaita, Dvaita, Dvaitādvaita and Yoga sūtras/ Kaula Tantras spread among masses.

🙏 Namo Narasimha 🙏

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