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Saptarushi aavaahan stotra

Today i.e. Bhadrapada shukla panchami, is venerated as rushi panchami. The day we honour the saptarushis and Arundhati with the special puja to eradicate our sins, doshas and misfortunes and to get blessed with abundance, high merits, righteousness and moksha.

Who are these saptarushis and Arundhati?

Saptarushis are the greatest 7 seers of any aeon. They are immortal for that aeon . They are the sapta chiranjivis of past age. Many of them are mind born son's of lord prajapati Bramha.

They keep changing in subsequent aeons. The current saptarushis for this age are: Kashyap, Atri, Bharadwaj, Vishwamitra, Gautam, Jamadagni, Vashishtha. Along with the great, austere and pious wife of Vashishtha named "Arundhati" they form an octate. They are highly respected even by the deities. They are extremely powerful, compassionate, kind and austere beings who propagate dharma in the universe. They are well versed in different arts from spiritual to material. They are givers of niti, nyay, darshan, mantra, tantra, yantra, mimamsa, vidnyaan etc. They're seers of the Vedas. Saptarushis are guiding light for mankind who help them evolve to divinity. Physically they are residing in nakshatra loka surrounding the pole star and can be as great bear constellation. They have the power to bless and curse. They can travel in any dimension. They have the power to eradicate sins. One who is blessed by them get's opulence, dharma, progeny, siddhi, righteousness, obstacle free life and moksha in the end.

The saptarushi stotra and it's procedure in brief:

This is a very rare stotra meant for invocation of this octate of rishis. One who wants to practice can chant this stotra in a secluded room facing North, wearing white clothes, lighting pure ghee lamp, sandalwood incense in bramha muhurta. Chant this stotra with full faith, devotion focus for 16 times everyday. One can even offer tarpan to the saptarushis and Arundhati with the stotra by applying "Tarpayaami" in the end of shlokas 4-11. Water, milk, sandalwood powder, white sesame, sugar can be used for tarpan. Water should be given through the rushi tirtha of right hand. One can even offer fire oblations to the saptarushis by applying swaha at the end of shlokas 4-11. Pure ghee, sugar, havan samagri and black sesame should be offered in ritualistc fire as oblations.

One who does worship of saptarushis with this stotra gets exorbitant spiritual and material growth. One should do this regularly. Whether they worship any deity or not but if they worship the saptarushis they'll definitely find their life moving along the right track.

Saptarushi stotra:

मूर्तं ब्रह्मण्य देवस्य ब्रह्मणस्तेज उत्तमम् | सुर्यकोटि प्रतिकाशं ऋषिवृन्दं विचिन्तये ||1||

अरुन्धतिसहित कश्यपादि सप्त ऋषिभ्यो नमः ||2||

कश्यपोsत्रिर्भरद्वाजो विश्वामित्रोsथ गौतमः | जमदग्निर्वसिष्ठश्च साध्वी चैवाप्यरुन्धती ||3||

कश्यपः सर्व लोकेशः सर्व देवेषु संस्थितः |

नराणां पापनाशाय ऋषिरूपेण तिष्ठति ||4||

अत्रये च नमस्तुभ्यं सर्वभूत हितैषिणे | तपोरुपाय सत्याय ब्रह्मणेsमित तेजसे ||5||

भरद्वाज नमस्तुभ्यं सदाध्यान परायण | महाजटील धर्मात्मा पापं हरतु मे सदा ||6||

विश्वामित्र नमस्तुभ्यं बलिंमखम् महाव्रतम् | अध्यक्षीकृत गायत्री तपोरूपेण संस्थितम् ||7||

गौतमः सर्वभूतानां ऋषीणां च महाप्रियः | श्रौतानां कर्मणां चैव संप्रदाय प्रवर्तकः ||8||

जमदग्निर्महातेजाः तपसा ज्वलितप्रभः | लोकेषु सर्व सिद्ध्यर्थं सर्वपाप निवर्तकः ||9||

नमस्तुभ्यं वसिष्ठाय लोकानां वरदाय च | सर्वपाप प्रणाशाय सूर्यान्वय हितैषिणे ||10||

अरुन्धति नमस्तुभ्यं महापाप प्रणाशिनि | पतिव्रतानां सर्वासांग धर्मशील प्रवर्तके ||11||

एते सप्तर्षयः सर्वे भक्त्या संस्मृता मया | सर्व पापं व्यपोहन्तु ज्ञानतोsज्ञानतः कृतं ||12||

येषां प्रभावेण दिवौकराश्च महाप्रभावास्तपसो बलेन | लोकत्रयारिष्ट विनाशकानां पुर्णास्तु ऋषीणां इयमल्पस्मरणात ||13||

ll श्री अरुन्धतीसहित कश्यपादि सप्तऋषिभ्यो नमः ll

🙏 Namo Narasimha 🙏

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