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Significance of the Guru shishya relationship:

Conviction of the guru:

A gentleman came to seek spiritual advice from Guruji. He told Guruji, that he likes a certain deity and is highly attracted to it, so give his mantra only in the diksha.

Guruji smiled, Muhurta was finalized for the diksha and on a certain day, at a certain time, after doing the necessary preparations for the Diksha, the aspirant reached the guruji's ashram with all his extravaganza and show off. Apparently the mantra given to him on that day was completely different from what he expected it to be. So the poor man got in tears and confronted the guruji, saying" I had asked for a certain deity diksha but the diksha which you have given to me is something else only".

After listening to him Guruji started speaking and asked him, "who is the Guru here, me or you? Have you come to a commodities store ? Oh fool! When you already know what to do, then why do you need a teacher ? If you want to learn then first learn how to be humble. It's the thirsty has to go to the water source and not the otherwise. Your first lesson itself is this, that everything in life will not happen according to your wishes so you should learn to adjust and move on. One who has conquered his mind, conquers all 3 worlds and one who is slave to his senses, perishes in sands of time to take rebirth and face the same fate".

How guru's grace works ?

Whenever the disciple (Sadhak) passes through problems then in those problems (physical, spiritual or mental) the Guru comes for his welfare and shows the way out. And this happens effortlessly. Similarly, sometimes other people who are attracted by the Guru's fame, who are not actually disciples from their heart and conscience, request the same Guru to solve their problems but in those cases, it takes time for their solution or sometimes the problems are not even solved. Guru is a very private and reserved entity. Guru is paramatma only for completely dedicated disciples and not for open crowds.

Guru once accepted by a dedicated disciple, slowly starts changing his life through his physical, mental and spiritual efforts. Makes him so strong, effective and firm that none of the circumstances produced by Maya/prakruti/ planets can sway him away from his path. In all the possible scenarios such a disciple has unwavering faith in his guru. Once such a condition arises there's nothing much left to do in order to solve the problems which are encountered in the life journey of such a soul. With a few efforts the obstacles are neutralized by guru's grace which is indeed strengthened by the disciple's unshakeable faith. But for this level of faith to manifest, the disciple must have had followed the guru's teachings and instructions thoroughly, punctually and like a text book.

On the other hand, the people who are just coming to get a solution to their problems are completely under the clutches of mind and Maya. They are impatient and afraid of the future as they've never experienced the grace of supreme power through a guru shishya parampara. So they keep doubting the guru, his conviction and his capabilities. This hampers their progress and slows down the process of grace which will solve their problems. Faith is the fuel for all spiritual activities. If faith is not there then one must not turn to spirituality.

There's nothing in this world which cannot be achieved with faith and consecrated efforts.

🙏 Namo Narasimha 🙏

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