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Uchchishta Devatas:

Lord Ganesha: Uchchishta Ganapati or Dhumraketu

Devi: Uchchishta Chandali

Lord Shiva: Chandeshwar

Lord Vishnu: Vishvaksena

Lord Surya: Chandanshu

All these upadevatas are ganas of the main deity. After the offering of the naivedya to the pradhan devata, they are entitled to have the first morsel. The general rule is that after the worship is over, hundredth part of the naivedya offering is given to the Uchchishta or bali devatas through water or fire. All of them have detailed mantra prayogas, avaranas, bali and puja vidhan.

Among the Vaishnava temples, especially in Tirupati, there is a Vishvaksena temple, in which garlands offered to Lord Balaji on the previous day are offered to him and only the Lord's prasad is offered.

In Vaishnavism, Vishvaksena is also worshiped for removal of obstacles in place of Gauriputra Ganesha. Any deity to whom there is a norm to offer Uchchishta Naivedya, then only Uchchish Naivedya should be offered to them. All of them are quickly pleased by offering the bali or anna Naivedya.

🙏 Namo Narasimha 🙏

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