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Vishnu sahasranama: procedure, significance and it's applications

Lord Mahavishnu is the ultimate lord of the universe, who dreams this illusion of mayik reality in which we are currently dwelling. He's the paramatma and we are the jivatma. We are the part and parcel of the same supreme consciousness of which he's the complete personification. Praying to Mahavishnu liberates one from this Maya, grants power to manipulate the maya and breaks the cycle of rebirth. Therefore he's the one worshipped by all the rushis, devatas, manushyas, pitaras and other yonis. He's also known as the supreme upholder if Sanatan Dharma. So if you want your community and society to remain intact and grow, then all the Hindus must start praying to lord Vishnu and his incarnations at mass level.

There are different versions of worship assigned to every deity. These worship methods are designed to meet particular goals. Like there are different yadnya karyas for achievement of highest goals, bhakti kavyas for appeasement of the deities, tantras for fulfilment of mundane desires etc...

The multi deity worship has been an integral part of sanatani society. In ancient Vedic era there were 33 deities which represented highest natural order. Which included 12 adityas, 11 rudras, prajapati, 8 basis and Ashwini kumaras. Then as the puranic era approached these 33 deities were replaced by the trinity of bramha, vishnu, Mahesh and the puranic adaptations of the previous deities. Then again with the approaching of kaliyug there were many sampradayas formed who started sticking to only one deity and too the approach of pativrata bhakti and thereby neglecting other forces of nature. Which led to an imbalance in power dynamics and later downfall of the society. To prevent that shankaracharya had given the method of panchadeva or panchayatan upasana for all the householders. Which included worship of Ganesh, devi, Shiva, vishnu and Surya. All these deities represented unique Element amongst the 5 panchabhootas. Ganesh represents jala tatva, devi represents fire, Shiva represents earth, Surya represents vaayu and Vishnu represents akash tatva. Their worship methods were also prescribed according to their elemental classification. Like Ganesh is naivedya Priya, devi is homa Priya, Shiva is Abhishek Priya, Surya is namaskar Priya and Vishnu is nama Priya.

Since today's topic is on Vishnu sahasranama so let's dwell deeper into Vishnu. Since he represents ether element where nothing but only sound can reach, he's considered Nana Priya. Vishnu is pleased when someone takes his name or chants his names and glorifies him through various names. This is why Vishnu sahasranama plays a pivotal role in modern day Vishnu worship. As it glorifies the supreme lord in his 1000 Leela namas there by calling out to his thousand forms to aid us in our day to day life as well as liberate us from this sansara. How powerful the Vishnu sahasranama is, that can be made out from it's story of origin from Mahabharat.

When Bhishma was lying on the arrow bed and was waiting for uttarayan to leave his body. All the great sages, seers, kings, intellectuals were coming to meet him. Even the Pandavas and Krishna had been present besides him. Krishna had asked yudhishthir to make the best of this opportunity and take as much knowledge as possible from the great Bhishma before he leaves for his final abode. So while in their conversation yudhishthir asks Bhishma "who is the ultimate lord with whose worship we can get the good fruits of all our karmas and also get liberated from the cycle of rebirth" ? In reply to this Bhishma answers by saying that " there's only one father to this creation, there's only one lord of this Maya, there's only one who grants the fruits of the karmas to all the jivas, there's only one with whose worship you can rise to highest consciousness and get liberated from this Maya and that lord Vishnu". He adds further that by "worshipping the ultimate purusha with his 1000 names gives dharma, artha, kama and moksha to the desiree".

Like how vishnu sahasranama is glorified in Mahabharata, it's also upheld in the brihat parashari hora shastra a highly respected book on astrology. In brihat parashari hora shastra the solution to almost 60% of one's problems is said to be regular recitation of vishnu sahasranama with proper procedure.

Anybody who recites Vishnu sahasranama regularly gets following benefits:

  • One's all the sins are eradicated

  • One's heart, body and soul are cleansed or purified

  • One's all desires start getting fulfilled

  • One's all the diseases are eradicated

  • One receives wealth, fame, success as the life progresses

  • One gets beautiful and suitable wife, obidient children and satisfactory family life

  • One's ancestors are freed from their karmic bondages and one gets their abundant blessings

  • One's all the innermost qualities come to light and gets success in the area of interest

  • One gets siddhi, bhakti, mukti with just regular and long term sadhana of this sahasranama

  • All the enemies, black magic, evil eye, planetary afflictions are mitigated

  • All the chronic diseases get cured

  • Finally all the material desires are fulfilled and one becomes spiritual and attains liberation

There are many more indescribable benefits of this stotra which can be experienced upon doing regular recitation of it.


This stotra doesn't require much complex procedure to be carried out for it's recitation or to get desired results. It just requires faith and regular chanting with some prescribed steps.

Procedure for regular chanting:

  • Get up early in the morning have bath

  • Sit facing east direction, wear loose clothes and sit on a yellow asan.

  • Keep one glass or tumbler filled with pure water.

  • Meditate on lord Vishnu or any of his avatar with whom you connect the most

  • Then do the rudra shaap vimochan of the stotra as follows:


asya śrī viṣṇordivyasahastranāmnāṃ rudraśāpavimocana maṃtrasya mahādevṛṣi: | anuṣṭupa chanda: | śrī rudrānugraha‍śaktirdevatā: | sureśa śaraṇaṃśarmeti bījaṃ| ananto huta bhuga bhokteti śakti:| sureśvarāyeti kīlakaṃ| rudraśāpa vimocane viniyoga:|

Then do kara nyaas and hridayaadi nyaas.


ūṁ klīṃ hrāṃ hṛdayāya nama: |

ūṁ hrīṃ tarjanībhyāṃ nama: |

ūṁ hruṃ madhyamābhyāṃ nama: |

ūṁ hraiṃ anāmikābhyāṃ nama: |

ūṁ hrauṃ kaniṣkiābhyāṃ nama: |

ūṁ hra: karatalakarapuṣṭhābhyāṃ nama: |

hṛdayādinyāsa :

ūṁ klīṃ hrāṃ hṛdayāya nama: |

ūṁ hrīṃ śirase svāhā|

ūṁ hruṃ śikhāyai vauṣaṭa |

ūṁ hraiṃ kavacāya hum|

ūṁ hrauṃ netratrayāya nama: |

ūṁ hyu: astrāya phaṭa|

Then do dhyaan of the rudranugraha shakti for shaap vimochan:

tamālaśyāmalatanuṃ pītakauśeyavāsasam l

varṇamurtimayamaṃ devaṃ dhyāyennārāyaṇaṃ vibhum ll

Chant the shaap vimochan mantra 100 times and sprinkle some water from the glass or tumbler on yourself and in all 10 directions.

Mantra: oṃ klīṃ hrāṃ hrīṃ hrūṃ hraiṃ hrauṃ hraḥ svāhā |

After doing the above activity pray for shaapa vimochan as follows:

Asya vishnoh saharanaamastavasya rudrashaapavimochanam bhavatu.

After this do the viniyog of vishnu sahasranama, then rishyaadi nyaas, kara nyaas, hridayaadi nyaas and dhyaan of lord Vishnu. You can meditate on any of the incarnations of supre lord, you resonate more with. Then simply start reciting the stotra. Recite it once, thrice, 5 times, 7 times 9 times or 11 times. Finally once again meditate on lord Vishnu or his incarnation. Pray to him for fulfilment of your desires. This completes regular chanting procedure.

Since vishnu sahasranama is available everywhere with viniyoga, nyas, dhyan etc., We are not including it here to prevent over extension of the post.

Special instructions and applications:

  • For god's grace and overall fulfilment of all the wishes chant facing east in early morning wearing white/ yellow clothes and sitting on a yellow asan

  • For peace, prosperity, mitigation of negative energies, diseases etc.. chant facing north in night after 10 pm wearing white clothes and sitting on a white asan

  • For wealth, monetary gains, sudden gains, debt removal etc. Chant facing west in dusk time wearing yellow clothes and sitting on yellow asan

  • For enemy destruction chant in night after 10 facing south direction wearing red clothes and sitting on red asan.

  • For satvik wishes and god's grace chant without making sound, for rajasik and self centric wishes chant in sweet voice in a rhythm. For tamasik prayogas chant while keeping full focus on the wish and with louder and coarse voice.

  • For moksha, spiritual benefits and satvik wishes meditate on white form of lord Vishnu

  • For rajasik wishes meditate on red form of lord Vishnu

  • For tamasik wishes meditate on black form of lord Vishnu

  • You can choose different incarnations of lord Vishnu for invocation with puja and meditation for fulfilment of specific wishes with Vishnu sahasranama. For eg. Narasimha for black magic and bhoota preta dosh nivaran, Varaha for shatrunasha, bhoga and vashikaran, dhanvantari for rog nivaran, Krishna for harmonious family life, gopala for child birth, vaman for political victories, parashuram for higher spiritual pursuits and enemy destruction on a massive scale, kalki for protection of Dharma in your area, mahavishnu for pitra dosh nivaran and moksha, Laxmi Narayan for wealth and prosperity etc.. (for more details please learn from a guru)

  • For regular recitation, puja and other procedures are not required but for fulfilling your special wishes a sadhana mandal of 41 days is prescribed. Wherein one must follow all the yama niyamas maintain celibacy, satvik aahar vihar, bhumishayan, mauna, Satya, ahimsa etc.. Then worship lord Vishnu with shodashopachar in the beginning of the recitation, take Sankalp on the first day. Then do the specified number of recitations everyday on same time. This can be done twice or thrice a day during the 41 days depending upon the magnitude of the wish. Then on 42nd day a havan with all 1000 names is done using specific havan samagri for required results. For eg. Kamalbeej with pure ghee and sugar for money, wealth and prosperity, pure ghee and black sesame for pitra dosh nivaran, red Lotus for vashikaran, blue lotus for jagat vashikaran or akarshan, darbha for rog nivaran, payas for overall wellbeing and for fulfilment of all the wishes, salt+black pepper+black sesame+ black gram+ cloves+ black mustard+ mustard oil+ dry coconut for black magic removal, enemy destruction and chronic illness mitigation, ghee and pipal/ audumbar samidha for health, pure ghee+ sugar+ barley+ black sesame+ white Lotuses for moksha etc.. (for more prayogas learn from a guru) after the havan tarpan , Marjan with 1000 names and bramhan suvasini bhojan of 11 pairs have to be done. This procedure fulfills all the wishes.

  • For siddhis one has to regularly do the puja, follow yama niyamas and recite the stotra. Do havan on every ekadash with fast, dwadashi and pournima for one year. This grants such a siddhi that with it one can achieve everything with just uttering of a word. To strengthen the siddhi one must start the process from an auspicious y. On that day one must write the vishnu sahasranama with his own hand. It gives magical results if it's written on bhojapatra with vaishnav ashtagandha and pomegranate twig shaped as pen. If this is not possible then write on a fresh paper with pen. Then on one must recite the Vishnu sahasranama written by himself or herself regularly. This enhances one's chances of getting siddhi.

  • For regular wish fulfilment and to get god's grace one can do archana of lord Vishnu with sahasranama. That is to place an idol or yantra of lord Vishnu, worship it with shodashopachar, do sankalpa of sahasra archana with your wish included in it and then offer the specific ingredient everytime at the feet of the idol with every name from the sahasranama. Usually for lord's grace tulasi is used for sahasra archana, for vashikaran, akarshan and mohan red lotuses, blue lotuses and madhuk flowers can be used respectively. For money Kamal beej can be offered. According to the shastras whatever you offer to the lord you get thousands of times more in return of your offering. Same principle can be applied here.

  • One must try to concentrate on each name of the lord and try to visualise the leelavatar related to that name if one wants to connect with the supreme. Such a detailed meditative recitation yields higher merit than normal recitation.

These were the few applications of Vishnu sahasranama. There are many more which can be learned from an experienced practitioner or a guru.

The significance of Vishnu sahasranama is that, this is the only practice in the world which can give you dharma, artha, kama and moksha regardless of your fate and horoscope. Even if you have problems related to your kuladevata, ancestors, black magic etc .. even then this stotra if practiced regularly provides assistance and protection and steers one out of the problem gradually. Even if a person doesn't know anything about puja, sadhana, shastra and just starts reciting this stotra and continues for a long time then in such a condition also he or she gets the desired success, happiness and also spiritual merits.

Since Vishnu is the deity responsible for protection and propagation of sanatan dharma, more the recitation of vishnu sahasranama or more the spread of his worship will lead to strengthening of sanatani society and negate the influence of mlecchas.

Since this is a puranic stotra it doesn't require a strict ordainment or initiation but if it's taken as a upadesh from a seasoned bramhan practitioner or a properly ordained authoritative guru then it gives very guick results. Ofcourse satisfactory dakshina should be given against the upadesh or else the upadesh wouldn't fructify. It is always better to donate money to a realised master or a guru or a practicing bramhan than to waste on some useless materialistic demonic chore. Atleast one will get some merits which will be useful in times of distress. But one must be careful while taking upadesh, gruhasta or householder must take upadesh from a householder only and sanyasi or bramhachari must take upadesh from their own creed.

We hope this post will prove to be beneficial for many across the world, they'll understand the importance of Vishnu sahasranama and it's recitation on mass level and implement it's practice in their daily life.

May supreme lord Mahavishnu in the form of Laxmi Narasimha bless us all.

If people are interested in upadesh of vishnu sahasranama then they can even approach us or take it from their nearest competent authority.

For queries you can mail us on

Or WhatsApp on: +917499481461.

🙏 Namo Narasimha 🙏

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