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Yojan gandha yogini prayog or Kidi nagar prayog:

This prayog is not a yogini siddhi prayog. This is a graha shanti prayog. This prayog is undertaken when a person is troubled by krur grahas like Shani, rahu, ketu in such a way that he or she becomes helpless and doesn't find a clue as to do what in such a situation.

This is a simple but slightly laborious procedure. One who does this prayog gets out of the troubles caused by the cruel planets soon. Actually the planets Shani, Rahu and ketu only appear to one in the form of yojan gandha yogini after the prayog and tell the way out of the situation. If this prayog is repeated consecutively then all the desires of that person are fulfilled.


This prayog has to be started only on a Saturday. Get up early in the bramha muhurta before 4:00 am. Clean up and have a bath. After that take 1.25 kg wheat flour, 250 GM's pure ghee and 250 GM's sugar. Mix them well and dry fry them. Take this prepared mixture with you and head to the jungle. In the jungle you will have to keep walking on barefoot. Find anthills and keep putting this mixture in there. Like this find multiple anthills and sprinkle the mixture in them.

Keep doing it continuously for 4 praharas i e. 12 hours straight and non stop. Finish the mixture which you had brought with you. After this find a tree and go to sleep in the jungle itself. Once you go to sleep, a lonely lady or a man will appear infront you and tell you what is best for you. Even though you will be in sleep, you shall still be able to listen to that entity very clearly. Even after getting up you will very clearly remember what it had said. Thus your problem will be solved. The planets Shani, Rahu, ketu would have answered you in the form of that entity. This prayoga gives answers to the problems on the first day itself. If the task you want to fulfill is a difficult one then continue it for 21 to 40 days. Surely your wish will be fulfilled. It's a time tested and extremely potent prayog.

***Main points to be noted***

- this prayog has to be started before sunrise only.

- the person should be on a complete fast on that day till sunset.

- while the person is walking through the jungle sprinkling the mixture in the anthills he/she has to chant the following mantra continuously and compulsorily.


II om yojan gandhaa jogini, riddhi siddhi me bharpur l

Main aayo toya jaanchane, karajo kaaraj jaroor II

ॐ योजन गन्धा जोगिनी, ऋद्धी सिद्धी मे भरपूर।

मैं आयो तोय जाचणे, करजो कारज जरूर॥

- one can only eat in the night after coming home.

- anybody can do this prayog by keeping a specific wish in their mind.

Anybody who is facing problems can do this prayog and take benefit out of it. It's a peculiar prayog and part of rural (shabar) tantra.

🙏 Namo Narasimha 🙏

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