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Some feedback from our Customers...
from all walks of life


Pranam guruji,
Sorry for late feedback as i was busy in my family and business life due to work overload. But i have not forgotten you for a single moment, and have been doing sadhana prescribed by you, regularly.
The results of Narasimha shatru ucchatan puja performed by you for me has paid well, I used to get scared of crooks in My past life time whether they were there or not there near Me. Even I never used to trust people who were good because of My old company who were of crooked mentality. But Now i feel safe , all phobias mental tensions and depression created due to this have gone for good. 1 year has passed and i am living a happy life. Problems here and there are there but they are part and parcel of life.
The dhanada yakshini kavach given by you is working well and i am growing safely and surprisingly fast in my share trading and mutual investment business. My financial conditions are much better and stable than earlier. thinking of opening new office, so will contact you soon regarding that. My meditation sadhana is going on since last year and i have quite a lot thrilling experiences. I saw goddess Durga sitting on lion in my meditation on my agya chakra and she blessed me for further sadhana. I have started to get intuitions on upcoming events in life. Most of my words come true bad or good ( so i try to remain silent on most occasions). I was having severe Eye problem called Keratoconus, and nvr got prpper 100% for it. But after sadhna learnt from Guruji I could meet best Doctor and got oprated and cured it. 
Earlier when i met you I was unable to concentrate, focus or sit in one place for more than 20 mins but now my still sitting capacity have grown to 2 hours. So i meditate 2 hours before sleeping at 10 pm then perform mudras and bandh prescribed by you and get up. My body is in utmost pleasure while in meditation. There are such many experiences but they are subtle and vital and can't be shared publicly as told by you. So this is my experience which i could share on your order.

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Pranam guruji, Namo Narasimha 🙏I have been doing the meditation sadhana prescribed by you since last 2 months. I have experienced a lot of positive changes in life. Some are spiritual, rest are physical and material.When I had met you for the first time, I was lacking in confidence, mental strength and was physically weak. But now since I have started practicing meditation with your secret atma beej mantra and Pranayam my concentration, focus and confidence have increased exponentially. I can easily tackle many issues in my life which I couldn't face earlier. I feel rejuvenated and fresh all day long.Family life is also peaceful and all ailments and other negativities are removed. 
Waiting for blessings and further instructions,
With love and respect,
Yours faithfully,

Srivallabh Padgaokar,Bastora- Goa.

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Felt totally blessed by worshipping supreme Lord narsimha.. felt the presence of Lord at the time of kavach reading.and also felt some power in my body at the time of lord narsimha aarti. Also got effect of kavach.

Thank you very much.
Tirtharaj pujariSanquelim-goa.

Client 4_edited.jpg

Namo nrusinha,Pranam Gurudev, I feel happy to say that your spiritual guidance is very positively affecting my ishta Sadhna.I am thankful for your guidance and support.And I am very excited your upcoming Sadhna and shibir.

Yours faithfully,Sumedh shetyeRatnagiri

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I was a victim of Black Magic. I had continuous headache, loss of money, problems in family members. Financial condition was a big zero. Someone did tantra upon me. I had no way to get out from these problems. Then I saw the facebook site of Guruji "Laxmi Narasimha Tantra Sadhana Kendra". I contact with him. He listened my problems calmly, then told me about the problems and how to solve.He gave me sadhana and it's procedures. I have done the sadhana with full devotion and the result now in my hand. Total problems have gone. Financial condition is developing slowly. I am free from mentally and physically. I also suggest everyone that if you have any problem then contact Guruji without hesitation. My respect to his lotus feet. 
Soumen Dutta,Kolkata.

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In 2014 one of our close relative came to our house. It all started after her visit the nightmares the bad dreams financial losses nothing seemed to be working as if some one had put a plug on every aspect of our life .We were completely clueless & bewildered & couldn't figure it out the reason for such drastic negative changes in our life.It was as if some negative force was residing in our house we started seeing shadows in our house.Though we were worshipping lord Vishnu with our limited source of knowledge but may be it was just keeping all of alive.We consulted numberless pandits & babas but they were also unable to help us & our lots of money was wasted on the pujas & totkas advised by those fools. The situation was getting worse as the years went by.The lethargy as if some one has drained our all energy, heavy sleeping, no interest in work, people turning our enemies without any reason & the sources of income also drying up slowly.In such dark days we saw a ray of hope when we met Guruji in sep 2018 through his face book page.Through him we came to know that the relative had thrown the ash from shamshan to turn our house in a complete shamshan so that every one living in the house dies & then she could come & claim the property,money house everything & on top of that we are living at a place which was already full of negative energy. We were alive was itself a miracle.That was quite an eye opener as nobody had told us about it.All those pandits & babas used to tell us that there was something very bad in the house when asked they couldn't tell anything specific.When guruji told us about it & suggested some puja without charging a single penny I guess that was the first step of trust & faith in him. & under the guidance of him we started doing the pujas to remove all the negativity from our lives. Apart from these pujas he suggested us to do the sthapana of Lord Laxmi Narsingh shaligram to remove the negativity completely from the house as well as of the surroundings ,It has taken us a long one year to finally remove all the negative energy.Now we all have dreamless sleeps waking up fresh & ready to face the world with our positive energy. The whole credit goes to our beloved Guruji who like a beacon of light entered in our lives to dispel the darkness surrounding us. Now we are on the spiritual path with his blessings & guidance.In this one year experience we have come to one firm conclusion that guruji is a true spiritual leader who will show the ultimate right path leading to God if you truly are a seeker of HIM.We don't have words to express our gratitude to our guruji,its just that we thank him from the bottom of our hearts & will always be indebted to him.
Thanks!!!Rajni & Archana Agarwal.

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I met Guruji a few weeks ago while looking for someone who could initiate me into Ganesh Sadhana. I came across his page on Facebook and contacted him, He seemed very knowledgeable an astrological reading to help understand my karmic destiny. He was spot on on many aspects of my life.As vedic astrology was is a hobby of mine, I was able to really appreciate the depth of his knowledge. Since then he has not only initiated into Ganesh Sadhana and Lakshmi Narasimha Sadhana but also helped my son. I book monthly pujas from him and this has given me great peace of mind, confidence and general we being. Guruji is very frank, direct and doesn't mince words, something which I appreciate. In addition His encyclopaedic knowledge of the vedas has really helped me understand many dimensions of life.Looking forward evolving further with his blessing.


Ravikumar Muthiyalu, UK 


In these modern days where it is really hard to find a real guru, because people either get cheated in name of god or reach no where loosing their money in name of sadhana and jyotishya, but here we have a siddha guru shri Kryutyananda Nath, whom I came across through FB page.

I was a devotee of lord Narasimha since childhood, last year I got initiated through guruji into narasimha sadhana, under guruji blessings and step by step guidance my sadhana towards Narasimha bhagwan streamlined and progressing very well .
Guruji initiated me into Mantra and sent all consecrated items and guided me right from Basic pooja procedure till havan phase. 
Many more secretive sadhana methodologies are taught to me. 

Guruji blessings were on me not only in sadhana but also in personal life.
Due to pre-existing ailment my wife was admitted to hospital and she was in ICU for 10 days, guruji was with me morally and guided me with special kavach prayog and special pooja towards narasimha bhagwan which worked miraculously and my wife recovered from critical stage.

I am really feel fortunate to get such a guru and always feel indebted towards his care, guidance and support.

Finally few lines dedicated to all sadhakas

" *Biggest proof of God's love is Guru's arrival in our Life* "

-Manjunathswamy Hiremath

Harekrishna i had contacted guruji 2 years before and he had accurately predicted that after 1 year i would get very sick my grahadasha was not at all good. There was black magic and there was mrutyu yog after 6 to 8 months. After hearing this I got very scared and he had given me very simple home remedies to pacify rahu like giving omelet a black dog but I being a vegetarian couldn't do that and I disconnected myself from guruji. Exactly after 8 months I became very sick and was on the death bed. I was dying and I remembered what guruji had said. And I again contacted him and told him everything. He told me to do mahamrutyunjay japa and other poojas due to which my life had been saved. I had not eaten a single morsel of food from past 3 months. During that time I had not eaten anything and my body lost all its strength. I was not able to walk or even move my finger, I had lost my eyesight I lost my voice I lost all the strength in my body. I was dying slowly and slowly. After consulting guruji and doing couple of poojas slowly my health improved. The black magic was gone and I am in a much better condition right now still improving day by day. I Highly recommend guruji for all his honest and genuine services and I have shared his no. With so many people and everybody till now has benefited from his consultation and predictions. He is a God sent saviour to people in deep problems. Thank you 

- A disciple who prefers to remain Anonymous .

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